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Wheel alignment is not only for performance cars - it matters just as much for family cars, vans and other vehicles. It's about two things: your safety, and reducing wear on your vehicle.

Aline's Hunter-trained staff use top-line equipment (the sort used by main agent garages) to check your car for alignment faults in just a few minutes. Electronic analysis panels are attached to each wheel and computer-read for faults in camber, caster, toe-in and other areas. The equipment prints a diagnosis, we fix those that can be adjusted out, and then we check again.

camber, caster and toe-incheck 1 check 2
The yellow diagram explains what camber, caster and toe-in are all about. They make a serious difference to your car's handling - especially when they are well adrift from the factory settings.

Check 1 (middle) may identify several faults - the red patches - but many will need only a quick adjustment, which we will do right away. [Large view here]

Check 2 (right) shows adjustments made and most problems solved. And if wear or damage are revealed, you will know which areas need repair or replacement. You can take these check sheets away with you.

You are welcome to watch the process from our viewing area - or to relax in our comfortable customer lounge with free coffee or chocolate drinks.

sensor and clamp

rim pin

general shot

To reset Front Toe:         25
Front and Rear Toe:       38
Front Toe and Camber:  38
Full reset if available:      60
Check only:                     10

All give a printed report
    10inch to 24inch capability
No damage to chrome or alloy wheels
Lowered and modified vehicles catered for
Full colour report on all vehicle angles
Hunter trained technicians
Over 35 combined years of experience
Collection and delivery available

10inch to 22inch tyres fitted and balanced
Run flat tyres fitted and balanced
All popular brands kept in stock
Specialist tyres available within 24 hours
Competitive prices
City & Guilds trained technicians
Collection and delivery available

vans, taxis, tyres, whatever
Sports car, saloon, taxi, van... we'll take any of them! If your vehicle has 4 wheels and fits on our ramp, we can align it.
We can also fix punctures or fit new tyres - and we carry a wide range of batteries.

       You'll find us at 59 Wellington Road, Dudley, just a few doors down from the Stafford Street traffic lights.
When you call, just ask for Kevin or Mark!

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                locationIf you use Google mapping to find us, be aware that Google
changes the postcode to match their nearest balloon, which
is in the High Street. Stafford Street is a turn off the High Street
and this supplementary map shows you where we really are!

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